Dressing the herpetological community

That’s quite a promise. But it is our goal.  We design images of amphibians and reptiles that are purpose made to be used for screenprinting on T-shirts and hooded sweaters, and for embroiding on caps and sew-on patches.  These products are made for hobbyists and professionals alike. Being of high quality, the stuff we make is meant to last a long time.  To keep our product line fresh, production of any product is always limited to just 50 copies. Being a Limited Edition, each of our products instantly becomes a piece of art.

Because of high production costs of our products, due to their small production numbers, we work with a pre-order system. This means that any given design will only go into production if a certain amount of pre-orders have been received by us. Usually this is 25 pre-orders.
Customers with an interest in a certain design can pre-order by sending us an email or contacting us on the social-media where we are present.

Production methods

T-shirts and sweaters
For our  “normal” production line, being designed as a single to six-coloured image with solid colours, the prefered production method for printing these designs is good ol’ fashioned screenprinting. This gives the best results and a durable print on the shirts and sweaters we sell.
Our production line with “watercoloured” designs is printed using the “digital” screenprinting method. This method gives the image the same vivid appearance as the original watercoloured painting which was also purpose made to be used as a print on apparel.

Our caps are specially made for us. The caps we sell are made as “one size fits all” type. The embroidered figure on it, like our T-shirt designs, is specifically designed to be used as such.

Sew-on patches/badges
Next to caps, we also sell sew-on patches/badges. These spot the same designs as the caps we produce. With only 50 copies made and these designs being split between caps and sew-on patches makes them even more unique. These patches can be sewed on any piece of apparel.

Next to apparel articles above, we also produce mugs/cups with images of reptiles and amphibians. The images used are specifically made for the purpose to be placed on a mug/cup. As with all oir articles, production is limited to 50 of each design.